Disque Bleu is a creative concept, founded in 2020 by visual artists Daan Couzijn and Christian Herren, that offers carefully curated flower bouquets inspired by artworks from past and present. Bouquets meant not merely as organic ornaments but as sculptural objects with artistic context that aim to provoke interaction between giver and receiver.

Named after the artwork that inspired the very first bouquet (Yves Kleins Disque Bleu) the creative collective creates personalized flower bouqets, introducing a new audience to artists and their works.

The carefully composed flower variations can be ordered on commission as individual pieces (with prices starting from €50) or on a weekly basis via a monthly subscription.

Finding pleasure in experimenting with grand gestures, Disque Bleu works commission based with various clients in different branches, providing imaginative and personal floral designs and installations for corporate clients, creative events and private customers.

Disque Bleu was born from the desire to create a meaningful part-time job for independent artists, which generates a basic income. With the purchase of our flower compositions, a small network of young artists is being supported, which will ideally be expanded in the future and extended to other cities.

Offering seasonal and preferably local and/or certified flowers, we are currently based in Amsterdam with plans of relocating to Paris by summer 2021.

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